First time here? This will guide you through writing your first story.

Open Unfold Studio in a new tab. Click on New Story and then give your story a name. Now copy the code below into your new story and save it. Now you can play it on the right.

This is my very first time writing interactive fiction. I am feeling
* excited.
    -> high_energy
* apprehensive.
    -> high_energy
* bored.
    -> low_energy

=== high_energy ===
I hope I can channel this into some quality writing. 
    -> DONE

=== low_energy ===
I hope I find something that sparks my curiosity. 
    -> DONE

This is interactive storytelling. You can write stories that are playable, not just readable. You can give the player as much control as you want.

You probably guessed how the code works. * marks choices offered to the player. Each choice has some text and then a divert (->), which sends the story off to another knot. Knots are defined with headers that look like === high_energy ===. Use DONE to show where a story ends. Try adding some choices to one of the knots. Maybe these choices should divert to a new knot…

Now, if you return to the homepage (click Unfold Studio in the menu), your story might be featured because it’s fresh content. (Stories also get featured when they have a lot of readers, or are loved by a lot of people.) Since you don’t have an account yet, it’s a public story. Anybody can play it and anybody can edit it.

What’s next…

  • Play some stories. The homepage has featured stories; you can see the rest by clicking Browse in the menu.
  • Practice writing more complex stories with Story templates.
  • Learn more about the language at The Ink language.
  • Sign up. Once you have an account, you can create private stories and then share them once you’re ready. You can also <3 stories you love, follow other users, collect stories into books, and more.

We hope you enjoy Unfold Studio!