What’s new

Unfold Studio is under active development! You’re welcome to contribute new ideas or report bugs on the Github issues page. Some of our top priorities:

  • A full rewrite of the user interface
  • The ability to add pictures and sounds to stories
  • Internationalization (Unfold Studio’s interface will show up in users’ preferred language). Writing stories in multiple languages (and emoji!) is already supported and heartily encouraged.


Version 0.5.1 adds the ability to embed stories in other webpages.


Version 0.5 adds features that make it easier to teach with Unfold Studio.

  • There is now a teacher role. Teachers can have groups of students. See Teacher features for details. Currently, you can’t sign up as a teacher on your own. Please see Contact to request access.
  • Teachers can assign Prompts to students. Students see prompts they are assigned, and can submit stories to them. Teachers can see and comment on stories submitted to prompts, even if they are not publicly shared.
  • Authors can save versions of stories (Version history). This is helpful for the writing process, and for long serialized stories, where your followers might want to know there’s an update available.
  • Added Comments.
  • In comments, book descriptions, and prompts, it’s now possible to add References to stories, books, and users that stay up to date and are contextualized for different users.
  • Private installations give teachers and schools access to separate worlds, where content is only visible to logged-in members.
  • Added internal support for single sign on integration.


Version 0.4.2 added

  • Full-text search is now available on the Browse page.
  • Stories can be
  • The logic
  • Notifications on the feed


Unfold Studio 0.4.1 includes some exciting new features. We are now working with teachers in several countries and many states across the United States. We would love to hear from you and discuss how Unfold Studio might fit into your teaching. (See Contact)

  • Upgraded to Ink language version 0.8.2. Along with a bunch of new math functions, this allows the use of lists (See Part 5: Advanced State Tracking).
  • Stories can now be combined together into very large stories. See Stories can be combined.
  • Users now have a feed showing them activity on their stories and from users they follow. Your feed appears on your profile page.
  • Email-based password reset has been made more reliable.
  • Fixed a lot of little bugs.