Teaching Guide

Unfold Studio is a tool for teaching and learning. Students, teachers, and school-based literacy communities have driven every step of Unfold Studio’s design and development. But no technology is going to change a school on its own. This teaching guide is meant to help teachers make the most of Unfold Studio.

The guide is organized in layers.

  • First, the Pedagogy section talks about how and why you might want to make Unfold Studio part of your classroom or school, and introduces our literacy-based pedagogical approach.
  • Next, Teacher features describes features of Unfold Studio designed for teachers. Then there is a full Curriculum Unit designed to be taught in grades 7-9, over about six weeks. (No prior experience with programming is required.)
  • All the handouts, story templates, assignments, and rubrics are available as Teaching Resources, so that they can also be used a-la-carte. The idea is that you can use the unit as-is if it fits your needs or you can adapt the resources that are useful to you. All these curriculum materials are published under a Creative Commons license which allows free reuse for commercial or noncommercial purposes.
  • Finally, Workshops and Support are available if you would like to work together on professional development, developing new curricula, etc. So have at it!