Teacher features


Teacher features are new in Unfold Studio version 0.5. We would love to hear your feedback on what you like and what you don’t. (Contact)

Teacher mode

The features described below are only available for users who are recognized as teachers, or leaders of other groups like writing clubs. We are happy to provide teacher mode for librarians, parents, or anyone else who wants to get some people together to write stories. If you would like access, please send us an email (see Contact).


As a teacher, you can create and manage groups of users, using the “Groups” menu item. When you create a group, you will choose a name and whether the group should be private. If the group is private, users will need to follow a link to join. After you create the group, click “Invite” and you will see the invitation link, as well as a QR code.

There is also an option to change the link. This will invalidate the old link.


Once you have created a group, you can assign prompts to all the group members. The prompt will show up as a to-do item for all members. When group members visit the submission, they can choose a story to submit. (They can clear the submission if they want to submit a different story instead.)

As a leader of the group, you will see each member’s submission. This view also shows which submissions are ready for feedback from you–either because you have never given them feedback, or because a new version of the story has been published since your last feedback. You can also download a spreadsheet of group members and their submissions.

If you want to share all the submissions to a prompt, there is an option to publish them as a book.

Story visibility

Group leaders are allowed to see and comment on all stories submitted to prompts, even if they are not shared. This is useful for when students want to share their work with a teacher, but don’t want to let everyone see it. If a group member later removes a story from a prompt, the group leaders can no longer see it.

Publishing a prompt as a book does not affect story visibility. As the group leader, you will be able to see all the stories. But other users will only be able to see stories that are shared.

Private installations

These features are designed to help teachers and other leaders manage groups. Note that they don’t provide a separate public space for sharing within a class or a school. Stories are either shared with everyone on Unfold Studio, or they are private.

If your school or other organization needs a space for limited sharing, or needs more substantial group management (eg. single-sign-on integration), please see Private installations.