If you have questions about teaching with Unfold Studio or using it for other purposes, please get in touch with Chris Proctor (Contact), the creator and lead researcher on the project. He’s happy to answer questions, or just brainstorm some ideas together.

The best place for technical questions, bug reports, and requested features is Unfold Studio’s GitHub site, but you’re welcome to send them by email if that is more comfortable.

Private installations

Many teachers choose to use the free public version of Unfold Studio and value the authentic audience it provides. However, this might not be the right fit for all schools. Private installations are also available, where access is restricted to logged-in members. Private installations also include the following features:

  • User administration (LMS integration available)
  • Teachers have access to a dashboard where they can view and administer student stories.
  • Students can privately turn in stories to teachers

Professional development

Chris, an award-winning teacher and experienced provider of professional development, is available for customized PD with Unfold Studio on a range of scales. Unfold Studio can be a great introduction to Computer Science for students and teachers alike!