What’s new

Unfold Studio 0.4.1 includes some exciting new features. We are now working with teachers in several countries and many states across the United States. We would love to hear from you and discuss how Unfold Studio might fit into your teaching. (See Contact)

  • Upgraded to Ink language version 0.8.2. Along with a bunch of new math functions, this allows the use of lists (See Part 5: Advanced State Tracking).
  • Stories can now be combined together into very large stories. See Stories can be combined.
  • Users now have a feed showing them activity on their stories and from users they follow. Your feed appears on your profile page.
  • Email-based password reset has been made more reliable.
  • Fixed a lot of little bugs.

Version 0.5 will be the next major release. We are targeting the following features:

  • Private installations will give teachers and schools access to separate worlds, where content is only visible to logged-in members. Private installations will also come with some teacher-focused features.
  • Single sign on integration
  • internationalization (Unfold Studio’s interface will show up in users’ preferred language). Writing stories in multiple languages (and emoji!) is already supported and heartily encouraged.